SelfMade 2-6 Ent. is a power house label from Fayetteville, NC full of versatile artist that will electrify the world in 2015! Selfmade 2-6 Ent. made it's debut with the album titled "It Is What It Is" formulating one of the hottest songs in the world still today that is titled I.D.M.A.C.(I DONT MISS A CALL) This song transcends culture, ethnicity, race, & profession. SelfMade 2-6 Ent. has truly trademark the definition of a independent label. SelfMade 2-6 Ent. has artists, video & audio productions, street team, graphics & web design, engineneers, & etc. Selfmade has done everything in house.

SelfMade 2-6 Ent. roster consist of Banga YoursTruly aka Smooth Dope Boi, Sunny da Star, Young Cake$, Stizzy da Great, & Levi aka Levitikuz. CEO/Founders of SelfMade 2-6 Ent. are Chill Will, Big Homie L, & Sess.

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